The Research Institute's mission to "enhance the health of children by engaging in high quality, cutting-edge research according to the highest scientific and ethical standard". Our multidisciplinary Research Centers of emphasis span the spectrum of research important to pediatric health. Our common goal is discovery and innovation that improves the health and quality of life for children and their families. 

iLab Cores at Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH)

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext

Meisam Naeimi Kararoudi DVM, PhD
Cell-Based Therapy Core

Cecele Denman 614-355-2608
IT Research and Innovation

The R&D collaborate with researchers and clinicians on problem solving to enhance clinical research through advanced informatics methodologies and disruptive technology.

Yungui Huang (614) 355-5630
Microscopy Core

Microscopy Core
Regulatory Affairs Core

The Analytical Chemistry/Small Molecule Core facility provides analytical chemistry services in support of clinical and basic research within and outside of The Research Institute.

Kevin Bosse 614-355-1836
Animal Resources Core (ARC)

<p>The Animal Resources Core provides compassionate animal care while balancing research needs to deliver the highest quality service to enable discoveries in pediatric research</p>

Biobehavioral Outcomes Core

The Biobehavioral Outcomes Core will assist to incorporate behavioral assessments in their research. The assessments can be used to characterize samples, measure the effects of medical disease or side effects of treatment in clinical populations and evaluate interventions to improve quality of life.

Kathy Vannatta (614) 722-3182
Biostatistics Resource at Nationwide Children's Hospital (BRANCH)

<p>The Biostatistics Core provides assistance to researchers in study design, data analysis, and interpretation of statistical results. Other services such as data entry, database design or data management services the Core can provide advice on how to set up and provide referrals as needed.</p>

Guy Brock, PhD (614) 355-5647
Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Cytometry Core offers several platforms, which are flow analysis and cell sorting. Depending on the complexity of the experiment the Flow Core have several levels of cytometer available to address your specific needs.

Dave Dunaway 614-355-2820
Genomics Services Laboratory

<p>The&nbsp;Genomics Services Laboratory&nbsp;provides a complete solution for genomics research, from the initial steps of experimental design to the production of high quality, comprehensively analyzed data sets.</p>

Histopathology Core

The Morphology Core Laboratory was established in 1997 and provides services in histology, electron microscopy, and confocal and laser scanning microscopy.

Histopathology Laboratory 614-355-3474
Processing and Banking Core

<p>The Biopathology Center Core serves as a biospecimen repository for researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital. They provide a variety of services including biospecimen processing, banking, distribution, and virtual microscopy.</p>

Megan Welling 614-355-3095