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Research and Development (RnD) is newly formed division of The Research Institute, created to address the increasing needs of IT support on research data pipeline, bioinformatics, and high performance computing. RnD provides IT assistance to researchers on data processing from acquisition, curation, management, analysis, to visualization, including both clinical and non-clinical basic research data. RnD also serves in the role of bridging collaboration between internal and external researchers, researchers across centers and cores especially in the areas of biostatistics, bioinformatics, mathematical and computational modeling.


RnD is in the planning stage to create a comprehensive research data warehouse: integrating clinical, research, 'omics and other data. RnD will also build a high performance computing cluster to give user access to large volumes of data (such as 'omics data), and the ability to do Bioinformatics analyses and other computing. For other projects with potentially broader impact, RnD will seek feedback from Research IT Advisory Council (RITAC) and prioritization from Computational Research Steering Committee (CRSC).  


We are very interested in hearing from researchers about how we can improve the services we currently provide and what additional services are needed. Email your suggestions to or if you prefer anonymous feedback, click here.




Yungui Huang Larry Hoff
Director of RnD

Manager of RnD

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Service requests can be submitted at http://help, by emailing, or by calling the RISI Service Desk at (614)355-5600 Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM.


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Yungui Huang
RISI R&D Director
(614) 355-5630


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Some research projects require the collection and processing of large amounts of data from an existing medical device/system. RDC can help develop an application to automate the processing and analysis of the dataset. An example is the web-based application to analyze heart rate variability. The application allows users to select a subject, filter out noise collected from the Bedmaster system, and perform selected statistical and graphical analysis on the data.

Custom Application Development  

Desktop, Web, Mobile, Other Devices

RDC can help develop customized apps utilizing different devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. for research studies. Examples of some of these projects include a tablet app for interactive presentation of consent materials for clinical trials, a smartphone app utilizing the phone as an integrated diagnostic device, a training app to simulate diagnosis and dispensing medication to psychological patients, an app to monitor social outcomes in children with brain trauma injury, another to log daily medical conditions etc.

Data processing and workflow automation 

A number of research data and workflow process like finding and replacing elements in genomic sequence are done manually and are tedious. We can help develop or refine algorithms to automate the process thereby decreasing the time needed for the researcher to complete the process while improving on the accuracy of the process.

Database design, implementation, and data management 

We provides consultation and assistance with the design and setup of databases for research data, data management including management of access security, development of queries, data upload of existing research datasets etc. for different database backend  e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. We can also assist with extracting specific datasets from repositories like Children’s Hospital Association’s Pediatric Health Information System (PHIS) and CHOP’s PEDSnet. (Scheduled to go live in late 2014) as well as NCH’s Epic and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) data.

Natural language processing (NLP)  

In natural language processing (NLP), we develop algorithms using different software to parse and analyze blocks of text from patients/subject’s medical record e.g. doctor’s notes, lab results for keywords. The results are then stored in a database to be used by researchers for their research projects.

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