Small Animal Imaging Facility

Overview of Services

The Small Animal Imaging Facility (SAIF) maintains and houses instruments used to further the research in treating and curing childhood deseases.

In order to optimize the equipment use within the SAIF, it is imperative that scheduling changes be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Scheduling abuses will be taken seriously. Loss of imaging privileges and a fee of $50 will be charged to investigators who abuse these privileges.


The 2023 SAIF modality charges are listed below. Please note the following:

  • The costs for technician time is $43.51 per hour—tail vein injections, assistance with running units, etc.
  • Reminder that vivarium per diem fees for the post imaging housing rooms are separate and charged by the ARC.


Ultrasound =           $10.34 /15mins          $41.34 /hour         
Xenogen =               $7.39 /15mins           $29.54 /hour        
Cabinet X-ray =       $3.84 /15mins           $15.37 /hour           
Lightools =               $3.84 /15mins           $15.37 /hour           
Dissecting scope =    $3.84 /15mins           $15.37 /hour           
Labscope-Fluoro=     $10.34 /15mins          $41.34 /hour           
MicroCT=                 $16.84 /15mins          $67.36 /hour           
MicroPETCT=            $16.84 /15mins          $67.36 /hour           
X-Rad Irradiator=      $ 3.84 /15mins          $15.37 /hour           
Transonic Flow=        $10.34 /15mins          $41.34 /hour           




Terri Shaffer | Core Manager | p 614-355-0430 | c 614-620-0651


Anna Ashbrook | Technologist | p 614-355-2822


Hours of Operation


6am-6pm Monday-Sunday 


Links and Resources

  2. Click Me to Schedule Small Animal Imaging Facility (SAIF) Project Assistance


Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
BioSafety Hood View calendar
Dissecting Scope 2 and Lightools 2 (SAIF) View calendar
DSI Plethysmography unit / Lightools 1 / Rodent Activity Wheel System View calendar
Micro CT View calendar
MicroPETCT View calendar
Transonic Flow Unit View calendar
Ultrasound #1 (VEVO2100)- Research II View calendar
Ultrasound #2 (VEVO3100)- Research III View calendar
Xenogen View calendar
XRad Irradiator / Cabinet X-ray / Micro Fluoroscopy View calendar