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Biostatistics and Epidemiology Core


The Biostatistics Core provides assistance to researchers in study design, data analysis, and interpretation of statistical results. For other services such as data entry, database design or data management services, the Core can provide advice on how to set up simple data management systems, and provide a referral to the Research Bioinformatics Core if complex data management services are needed. Please note that the Results sections for papers or abstracts, or the Methods sections for research proposals, must still be written by the investigator. The Biostatistics Core office is located within the office suite of the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice in the Research III, 4th floor. The Biostatistics Core is committed to providing outstanding service to investigators at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Biostatistics Core is committed to the Research Institute’s vision of supporting cutting edge scientific research at the highest ethical standards.

Biostatistics Monetary Rules of Statistical Services


1) The very first meeting is purely introductory and free, the only expected outcome is approximate number of hours the project will take. 

2) If statistician stays on sufficient percentage of grant preparation he helps to prepare statistical portions of a grant without charges.



Epidemiology is the study of occurrence and distribution of health-related conditions in defined populations.  Its uses are far-reaching and include measuring the incidence or prevalence of, and risk factors for diseases and other health outcomes; evaluating therapeutic interventions; and examining the properties of diagnostic and screening tests (i.e. sensitivity/specificity).  Epidemiologic methods are particularly valuable to those investigators examining a new disease or outcome, new treatment or diagnostic tool, or those who require preliminary information about a particular disease or intervention prior to submitting a grant.  The Epidemiology Core provides assistance to investigators that need or wish to incorporate epidemiologic methods into their research.

The Epidemiology Core services include:

  •     Selection of appropriate study design to answer research questions
  •     Assistance with selecting appropriate study populations, control groups or matching characteristics
  •     Assistance with selecting appropriate measures of exposures and outcomes
  •     Selection of appropriate datasets for secondary analysis
  •     Assistance with basic statistical analysis and interpretation

To Order Services

To order from Core Services you will need a new customer account with iLab. To order a service for the first time, you must register for an account.

To register for an account, go here:

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Internal users can find more information here: http://rex/RIS/Training/eCores


Note : Hourly charges will change on July 1, 2013 from $75/hour to $125/hour

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Joseph Rausch, PhD
Interim Director of Biostatistics Core
(614) 355-3623

Melissa Moore-Clingenpeel
(614) 355-6676

Ann Salvator



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