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The Biopathology Center, along with Core components, can provide a full range of services for Researchers involved in biospecimen research wishing to enhance their biospecimen collection and research efforts. The Core components include: Biospecimen Repository, Nucleic Acid Core, Morphology Core and the Cell Line Core.


Repository management is a key element in the success of the Biopathology Center. Efficient storage methods are utilized in order to ensure the integrity of the irreplaceable tissue samples for future research. The BPC is an active member of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER), and follows the highest standards to ensure the quality of specimens in the repository. Specimens are stored in liquid nitrogen, -80°C freezers, -20°C freezers, 4°C refrigerators, which are monitored continuously to prevent the loss of these invaluable tissue samples.


Nilsa Ramirez, MD | Director | (614) 722-5643 

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Thomas Liszkay
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