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Morphology Core

Overview of Services


The Morphology Core Laboratory was established in 1997 and provides services in histology, electron microscopy, flow cytometry, and confocal and laser scanning microscopy.


The Histology section of the core provides basic services such as tissue preparation and embedding, paraffin block or frozen tissue sectioning and H&E staining.  The Core also provides additional services such as direct and indirect immuno-histochemical staining, serial sectioning, and special stains.


Routine Electron Microscopy procedures such as fixation, embedding, sectioning and visualization are available. The electron microscopy facility is equipped with an Hitachi H-7650 transmission electron microscope. The TEM has two digital cameras to allow for image optimization.


The Confocal microscope in WX287 allows 3D examination of tissue, with 3D reconstruction of the z-stack images. Multicolor fluorescence images are acquired with 2 internal detectors and 8 detectors on the Meta system.   Other applications include Time Series image acquisition, co-localization, FRET analysis, ROI bleaching and orthogonal viewing of images. There is also a standard Zeiss Axiophot epifluorescent microscope with a Zeiss Axiocam digital camera attached to it. Single color, multiple color and bright field images may be captured using the digital camera.


The PALM Microbeam Laser Dissecting Scope is located in WX 392. The PALM Microbeam works with a pulsed UV laser (337nm wavelength) that is coupled to a Zeiss 200M inverted epifluorescent microscope. The laser is capable of micro-dissection and micro-ablation of small particles with sub micrometer precision.


Cindy McAllister | Core Manager

Cynthia.McAllister@nationwidechildrens.org | Ph: 355-3474

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location
7:30AM-5:00PM  M-F  

Nationwide Children's Hospital

700 Children's Drive

Columbus, Ohio 43205

Wex 344

Links and Resources

  1. http://www.nationwidechildrens.org/morphology-core


Name Role Phone Email Location
Cindy McAllister
Core Manager
(614) 355-3465

Melanie Herring


Patricia Craig


Florinda Jaynes


Heather Opperman


Makenzie Eisnaugle


Spencer Dunaway