Research Informatics Core

Overview of Services


The Research Informatics Core is a multidisciplinary informatics application development team dedicated to enhancing and expanding research through the scientific application of information management and informatics innovation. The Core is an award winning, service-oriented group which possesses the following capabilities in these diverse areas:


  • Custom computer application development
  • Database design and development
  • Data and environment integration
  • Development of data mining and reporting tools
  • Development of expert systems
  • Image analysis
  • Systems architecture
  • Informatics consulting
  • Project management


Proven Methodology


The Research Informatics Core functions within a proven methodology which emphasizes continued communication throughout the lifecycle of the engagement. The methodology is focused on a complete understanding of expectations during all phases which provides a clear direction for our informatics core, in the end producing the optimal solution for each customer.



Dave Billiter | Director | 614-355-2891


Location and hours of operation


Hours Location

7am - 5pm Monday through Friday

Nationwide Children's Hospital


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Heather Day
Project Manager

Dave Billiter

Eric Kramer



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